Review of Hindi poetry SACH HI TOH KAHA HAI

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                              MIRROR  OF  OUR   LIFE


“Sach Hi Toh Kaha Hai” is a  compilation of  37  Hindi poems of Poet Pradeep Gupta who wrote them taking advantage of the free time during  lock down period. As the caption of the book suggests, poems are  the glimpses from real life experiences of the poet. His poems serve the cause of mirroring our everyday realties ,which in essence is the purpose of poetry. “Sach Hi Toh Kaha Hai” is one of his  best poems , which he kept as the book title. Another good one  is “Vasiyat”.
In the midst of his pessimism, he also weaves optimistic streak when he says “Cheer  Andhiyara  Tanik Sa   , Phoot Uththegi Kiran; Inhee  Ummidon Ke Sahare Phir Sanvar Jaata Hoon Maii “.

 “Mein Hoon Hi Nahi” is a good romantic Gazal fit for any mehfils.

However, What I enjoyed best was his realistic satires on our present personal and political life. For instance in poem “Tere Mere”poet toutly taunts “No Decoits are left in Chambal  because all are established well in Cities”.

His  hilarious but marvellously  pinching satire is ‘Saare Avgun Bhula Diye Hain Public Ke Bhi Kya Kehne; Jab Se Humne Odh Liya Hai Ram Naam ka Nyara Kambal”.

Off course there are some grammatical, spelling and missing  errors ,there is no caption for Shri Rakesh Mathur’s Preface or Foreword and there was no cover in the copy I received. May be because  it’s only a soft copy and not a final print . But one  thing is mysterious to me ,Why some poems have English captions and the poets own introduction  is also in English ?

All said and done , most magnificent gesture the poet has done is to dedicate the book to our common friend late Shri Manohar Thakur.  This is laudable..

I would end my review with  Poet Percy Shelly’s following lines :
“Our Sweetest Songs are those that tell of Saddest Thoughts”

------ Mohan Siroya


Written by: 

Mohan Siroya


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