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This recently released saregama masterpiece and unique first ever musical soiree of two music legends and other music stalwarts, has nine distinctly written, classically tuned Gazals stylishly rendered to make this an Collectors’ item.

The opening gazal "Tera Milna Bahut Achcha Lagata Hai”is historical gazal, a first time and perhaps last time duet by legendary singers from two countries, Gazal Maestro Mehdi Hassan of Pakistan (ailing) and India’s nightingale Bharat Ratna Lata Mageshkar. It is unique and unforgettable number musically composed by gazal wizard Mehdi Hassan, also giving his magical voice in a duet with Lata Didi and written by Pakistan’s lyricist Farhat Shahzad. Lata matches with Mehdi “Sur to Sur”. It is heavenly experience to our senses when we listen the vibrating words “Tera Milna Mujhe to Dukh Jaisa Lage Hai”. Further gem is “Ye Tera Gham Hai Zindagi Bhar, Tujhe phool Se Bhi Achcha Lage Hai”. This will remain an evergreen number in our memory.

Second is the lilting solo gazal of Lata Di in her sweet ‘Utaar Chadhav’, full of ‘Sog’ and ‘Loch’ “Gham Ki Rut Lekar Aayi, Tahhai Ki Tanhai”. Enjoy the Andaz of Javed Akhtar sher "Ek Tamanna Ki Thi Kabhi—Saari Umra Sazaa Pai”

Pakistani gazal maestro Ghulam Ali also excels in his number “Sookhi Tehni, Tanha Chidiya” because it is zara ‘Hatke’ from his normal singing style. He rendered this with ‘Sog aur Gham’ in a classical way. Mark his singing these ‘Naazuk’ words “Lahron Mein Kab Bahta Hai- Nadi Ka Chand”.

Next is Usha Mangeshkar solo “Khula Hai Dar, To Tera Intezar Jaata Raha; Unko Magar Yetbaar Aata Raha”. She has done full justice with clarity in variation of pitch and ‘Thahrao’. This is a normal romantic gazal without painful notes.

Rarely we get new from veteran Hariharan. So it is a pleasure to listen him in the next piece “Jeena Mushkil Hai Ke Aasaan- Zara Dekh To Lo"His ‘Taa’ always soothes our nerves. As for the lyrics, this is written by Javed Akhtar to depict the every day struggle of our people to survive. And Hariharan has magnificently and classically sung to express the pain and underlying meaning. He is brilliant in ‘Thahrao’, mark his rendering of this line “Log Lagte Hain Pareshan- Zara Dekh to Lo”.

Suresh Wadkar has come with his melodious romantic gazal “Aap Ke Husn Ka Lafzon Mein Bayan Kaise Karoon”, deeply meaningful words with a subtle romanticism, sung in a lighter vein by the well known singer with lilt.

Rekha Bharadwaj endeavored her best to show her singing prowess in the next piece “Hai Waqt Ek Aisa Dariya, Jiske Din Raat Hote Hain”. However, the song is little fast and lacks clarity. Here the “Saaz” in background are also dominating over her voice. This may be more perhaps for lack of effective words in lyrics or lilt of tunes composed.

Next superb piece is sung by the most popular Sonu Nigam “Saari Hairat Hai Meri; Saari Ada Uski Hai”. This is rendered in complex classical tones, unlike his popular film playback songs. Various subtle nuances at a few places compare to Mehdi Hassan style. Javed has also given a good shayari in his lyric like ‘Mere Alfaaz Mein Jo Rang Hai, Wo Uska Hai’.

The last 9th number is a melodious chorus in the basic classical sur aur tans, by all the above Indian singers, meaningfully written and composed “Geet Kab Sarhadein Maante Hain”. Here, the wonder child singers Saanjali & Nevaan also join them, ending with their saregamapa alap and innocent laughs. Javed has also made this last song like a sentimental kayafa when he says” Geet Duniya Ko Ek Jaan Dete Hain, Geet Nahi Sarhadein Mante Hain”.

To appreciate the finesse of the young music composer Mayuresh Pai, one has to listen this album first. Except for the first duet of Mehdi-Lata, all other lyrics are written by the veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar.

At the end, a track is also recorded with”Caller Tone Songs and Codes” to enable those who wish to download / subscribe on their mobile hand sets.

If one goes miles to listen to this album, surely ‘Maasuki Ke Dushman bhi Dost ho Jaayenge’.

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya

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