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First time in the history of RSS Chief  Shri Mohan Bhagwat  attended a Film programme on 16th Sept. 2018 in Mumbai.  The occasion was the release of a compendium of  100 short films made on  National Heroes titled “Personalities of India” directed by Shri .Devendra Khandelwal. These films were in making for last 15 years and many technicians worked hard to achieve this feat.


 The function Lokarpan of ‘Personalities of India’ was a grand success. The films  contained the life of 100 historical personalities, who played a key role in India’s independence. These personalities were picked from the fields of politics, Freedom struggle, Arts, Science , Culture, Music , Cinema, Sports etc. It was a star studded affair. Auditorium was packed with number of film personalities,  journalists and news channels.


The chief guest Mohanji bhagwat said that the efforts of  Devendra khandelwal need to be applauded. More and more films on our ‘Real Heroes of India’ should be made and those films should reach out to people from every corner of the world. Film is the only medium which can go to places and tell people about our real heroes of India, their struggle and their sacrifices for their motherland. It is important for people to know about them. He further said, children are the future of our country. These films will inspire them and will make them realize their duty towards their motherland. He  also assured Mr Devendra Khandelwal, Chairman, IIMC that he will do his best to support such great and inspiring work.


Minister of Minority Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who wrote the scripts of these short films spoke on the occasion that there are such thousands of national heroes who gave up their life with passion in India’s freedom struggle and nation building, but are not known to people and ignored in the history of our nation. He mentioned some of the names which were not in 100 films but deserved to be there.


Film maker, Director  Devendra Khandelwal said ‘When he thought of making these films, the first thought crossed his mind was who will buy these films, who will be the audience of these films. But then irrespective of the outcome, he went on completing 100 films on ‘Personalities of India’ and that release of the films by Mohanji Bhagwat has given him his reward. He couldn’t have asked for more’.

Selected few films were also screened for the audience who gave a  standing applause highly appreciated .


---------  Mohan Siroya









Written by: 

Mohan Siroya


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