Phalke Jayanti and Awards

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Dadasaheb Phalke Academy, is an All India body (Registered Trust) consisting of 39 Cine Associations and supported / aided by other film dignitaries in the service of the Father of the Indian Cinema since the year 2000.Presently, academy’s two main annual activities are the celebration of Dadasaheb Phalke Jayanti on each year on 30 th April and Honoring of Industry veterans all over India on the occasion for their life long dedication to the senior artisans, labourers Technicians, veterans and Legends of the Indian cinema for their lifelong contribution. While selecting the awardees, the academy or its constituents don’t necessarily run after the glamour or known faces, but even those who are nearly forgotten from the memory. If glamour and name gets added in the process, it is more healthy and welcome.

On 30th April 2008 too, the academy celebrated the 139th Phalke Jayanti and honored about 55 senior artisans, technicians and Legends with trophies, shawls and certificates at the packed Bhaidas Hall at Vile Parle Mumbai. While 42 honors and trophies were conferred/handed over to the seniors in various facets of film making from all over India, a mention is required in detail for nine important categories who are still a force to reckon with in the people’s memory.

  1. The top honor – PHALKE RATNA AWARD was conferred on the living legendary meaningful film maker DR B R Chopra. The bed ridden octogenarian’s award was handed over to his grand son by the Chief Guests Prasad(Prasad Laboratories), Rajesh Khanna and the Chiarman of the Academy Santok Singh Jain collectively.
  2. Second top award as Phalke legendary actor award was presented to the original super star Rajesh Khanna who himself humbly accepted in person amidst applause, and loving nostalgic memories, his memorable roles screened in the background. Rajesh Khanna, the original and genuine super star has still his charisma, irresistible charm and pull power intact even though he is not in screen circulation. No wonder, he can still keep the thousands spell bound with his baritoned, chiseled voice, laced with urdu shairy and choicest vocabulary. Perhaps he laid bare his personal tragedy and out of screen presence to his poetic line that every one reaps what he sows.
  3. Another memorable mention was of another octogenarian Sitara Devi, who was conferred with the Phalke Indian Classical Dancer award. She was present and lokked as agile and glamorous as our mid –aged heroines. Perhaps, that was the effect of real “Dance riyaz” that she still defies the age, like her male counterpart Dev Anand.
  4. Yester year glamour doll Shyama, although put on heavily, is still charming and chubby. She was present and was honored with Phalke Golden Era Artiste award.
  5. Veteran film director Ravi Tandon was felicitated with the Senior most director award in the glamorous presence of his daughter actor Ravina Tandon, with his granddaughter in tow.
  6. The par- excellence living playback singer Mahendra Kapoor, though now on wheel chair, was present to accept Phalke Golden Voice singer award.
  7. Veteran and popular film lyricist Verma Malik was honored with the Indian film Industry Cine Writer award. Woefully, nither he was present nor his Film Writers’ Association president Jalees Sherwani who had recommended for him.
  8. This significant award, for Ace film maker Yash Chopra for the memorable commercial film “Chak De India” was mentioned in the honors, but it remained unsung and unheard.
  9. For the first time, the academy introduced a new category of award in film journalism. Academy deserves accolades and kudos for this initiative. The debut award was conferred on M S M DESAI for his devoted services to Indian Film Industry.

Shadowplayindia family offer hearty congratulations to all award winners and a special pat to the Phalke academy for their commendable work inspite of odds.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Academy had issued a signed appeal to all big wigs in the film Industry for generous donation to the fund starved academy for furthering good causes. This was highlighted by the media reports as well and it was declared that all such donations will be publicly acknowledged. What we heard in response was merely a letter written by the millennium super star Amitabh Bachchan just appreciating the good work done by the academy, sans any donation announcements. Sadly no one wealthy film celebrity even did that, forget any donation.

The function was well compered by the M C actor Raza Murad. However, one highlight by way of “Haazir Jawabi” must be mentioned. When the legendary actor award was presented to Rajesh Khanna, Sitara Devi expressed her tribute to Rajesh Khanna that in his hey days, the craze of Rajesh amongst young girls was so immense that the girls used to slit their arm and ask for his autograph with their blood. She lamented “KAASH MAIN BHI US WAQT JAWAN HOTI TO Rajesh Ko Yehi Kehti’. To this, Rajesh snatched the mike, snuggled to Sitara devi and said “Arre, Khoon ki to Baat Chodo, Aapne to ek Chitthi bhi nahi likhi” And the audience went into rupture.

Wah ! Wah !! Hats off to you Rajesh. We pretty well know that this was not a pre-written and rehearsed dialogue.

Written by: 

Mohan Siroya



Very interesting . Enjoyed reading.
Super Star Rajesh Khanna - His charisma will remain intact for decades Golden glimpses of superstar Rajesh Khanna, proving that the decades may come and go but the romantic hero’s charisma will remain intact for the rest of the coming decades.

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