Soul Mates for Silvers - Senior Citizen above 60

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True Love has no Expiration Date

We have been working in the area of ELDER EMPOWERMENT. It is observed that many well educated, well settled and still active singles (whether unmarried, widow/widower, divorcee) wish life afresh as a second innings as they either find isolated and or abused even if living in a family. They feel depressed and loneliness and wonder how they can be happy, loving and caring with a compatible life partner in the golden years of their life. With a view to helping such genuine seekers of compatible soul mate, we are embarking upon a Service of Compilation and consented reference of their profiles and contact details to the suitable persons available on record.

Once basic matching and reference is done, our liability for the choice, behavior or conduct of the referred persons/profiles and acceptibility will no longer be legally or morally accountable and operative and shall cease to exist for all legal purposes. However, in good faith, we still will be approachable for any mutual counseling services on request solely to help the couple /partners. Thus, to verify the antecedents, background or truth of the profiled and accepted person will solely rest with the applicant seniors who have consented for our services which are GRATIS i.e. Free of charge obligation or even formal membership. However, privacy of your contact details are ASSURED and will be used by us only for mutual touch and conveying to the other suitable person only after express consent of the concerned profile owner. 

So folks, why wait? Just grab this opportunity.

>> Hover your mouse on the "Soul Mates" link in the main menu

>> Click on "Create a Profile for Soul Mates" link and fill in all the details.

After you create your profile, it will be approved by the Administrator and then it will be published under "Soul Mates Profile for..." under appropriate category. All your personal details will be kept hidden and can be viewed only by the profile member you give consent for....

Wishing you a SOUL MATE of your choice.


It is a very good effort of making the Silvers lead a meaningful life. I lost my partner about 15 years ago, I am at 79 years and live alone. I would not comment on the conduct of my sons as their personal life is affected by the modern economic conditions, which does not allow them time to spend time on me but pick up my bills, I believe, under pressure. Yet, I do expect a few and far between personal visit or a telephone call to enquire about my well being but that is hard to come by. I pray for their well being and happiness. I have donated my body for medical research and/or use of the limbs for the benefit of the needy. I have no regrets as I have lived my life my way and have been busy in social activities without any reservations. I am very fortunate to get a partner a few months ago only, who is a widow, in the middle age though not living with me. Yet, she cares for me - meeting me often and showering words of affection, calling me up on phone enquiringly about my welfare. Both of us are very happy and thankful to Almighty for having brought us together. God bless her.
This is a very noble act. No matter how forward thinking our society has become, yet spelling out one's loneliness in the absence of a partner for whatso ever reason is still a taboo. let's hope this platform will help as many as desire to remain happy n at peace with one another.
I am glad o know GCM that you got your Soulmate and now you are happy. May God continue to shower this bliss on you . Best of luck Mohan Siroya

Thank U Kalika. Your active support and participation will add a charm and lustre to this endeavour.

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